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download skripsi FARMASI lengkap

Skripsi farmasi yang berjudul ” UJI AKTIVITAS ANTITUSIF EKSTRAK DAN SIRUP EKSTRAK ETANOL HERBA Mentha arvensis L. Repository c” ini dapat Kamu unduh disini, dan masih banyak skripsi ter-baru lainnya.

RATIH RAKASIWI, 051311133014


Mentha arvensis L.

Skripsi thesis, Universitas Airlangga.


This examine goals to find out the impact of ethanol extract and ethanol
extract syrup of Mentha arvensis L. herb on cough’s frequency in mice. Mice
of both intercourse (BALB/c) weighing between 25-35 g had been randomly assigened
to seven teams (n = 5), ie optimistic management (30 mg/kg codein phosphate),
unfavourable management extract (zero.5% CMC-Na), therapy group 1, 2, three (200, 400
and 600 mg/kg ethanol extract), unfavourable management syrup (blended of 15%
propylenglycol, 67% sucrose, and aquadest), and therapy group four (600
mg/kg ethanol extract syrup). Every take a look at preparation was administered orally
zero.2 mL/kg. After 60 minutes administration, the animal was put right into a 1000
mL chamber and uncovered to zero.three mL of 25% ammonium hydroxide answer
for 45 seconds. Moreover, with out eradicating the experimental animals
from throughout the chamber, then the frequency of cough for five minutes had been
The outcomes confirmed that ethanol extract of M. arvensis herb has
antitussive exercise by reducing frequency of cough in a dose dependent
method with important determine worth of p < zero.05. Ethanol extract of M.
arvensis herb at doses of 200, 400 and 600 mg/kg gave cough suppression of
25.2%; 34.2%; and 47.four%, respectively. The syrup of M. arvensis herb
ethanol extract was made on the identical dose because the extract dose which has the
best lower of cough frequency (600 mg/kg) which then offers cough
suppression of 46.2%.

Merchandise Kind: Thesis


Extra Data: KKB KK2 FF.FT.05/17 Rak u
Uncontrolled Key phrases: Cough, antitussive, extract, syrup, Mentha arvensis L.,
ammonium hydroxide.
Topics: R Medicine > RS Pharmacy and materia medica > RS1-441 Pharmacy and materia medica
Divisions: 05. Fakultas Farmasi > Farmakognosi Fitokimia
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